Sideburn Magazine DQUSA !!

Oh my sweet lord! What a weekend! We made the trip from Kelowna, B.C. down to Portland, Oregon and met up with our buddy Kris Krome and the rest of the Canadian contingent for the opening night party at Thor Drake’s SeeSeeMotorcycle shop and then onto Castle Rock, Washington for two days of racing. My travel partners were Roger Goldammer, Roy Cameron and Bert The Animal. Bert is 71 and partied harder than everyone else combined. Motorcycles, high-kicks, missing teeth and a laugh a minute were the ingredients for the weekend. Rating things is not my usual approach but this is in the top ten weekends I’ve had…ever. Gary Inman and Ben Part at Sideburn magazine are doing good things and their DirtQuake series is a winner. Long live Sideburn!