OMG…you can order IKAM Magazine…the best

What the hell is it!? We get asked this a lot…MAKI…?? WAKI…??? No, it’s IKAM and it’s come to slap you in the face and remind you that we as humans beings are capable of an attention span longer than a gnat’s pube…no you can’t download a copy nor can you view it on the web…it’s a magazine…you know, those things that pile up in your shitter, leave ink on your fingers and inspire you and get you excited about life? Yeah it’s one of those. Seb Kemp and Jonathan Matlock were my partners in crime and we had the best time ever making it. Stressful? No, not really…well, maybe a little when it came down to spending thousands of dollars to print the magazine, stickers and t-shirts all to give away for free but mostly a completely enjoyable and strangely therapeutic exercise. Massive thank you has to go out to the contributors and the advertisers who all took our idea and made it their own with genuinely unique content and ads that aren’t ads but additional content and are soooooo good. Our distribution model was, in the beginning, quite simple…find us and ask us for a copy and we would hand you one from our backpack. Well it’s been much better received than we thought so we are also going to mail it to people. All you pay is the postage depending on far away you live from IKAM HQ. You have to have a Paypal account…go to and check it out, your brain will thank you.