Frank Motschko

Our studio neighbour is Frank Motschko. Frank is a machinist by trade. He also has a habit of buying way more shit than he can deal with but it’s all the coolest shit you’ll ever see…piled so high you can in fact barely see any of it until he digs away and brings it out, held high and grinning from ear to ear. Along with the object there is a detailed story and this story is often better than the object itself. Where it was made, how it was made and what it was made for along with the why, how and where he found it. Frank is a walking encyclopaedia of everything crammed into his shop and seemingly everything else that exists in the world. Set aside at least one hour of your time to go see Frank because everytime you try to leave he says, “Hey Grant, check this out…you’ll like it…”, and he’s right…I always do.