Rattlesnakes And Reality

Every now and again an opportunity arises that is too good to miss. A few months back the stars aligned and three of my teenage heroes invited me to hang out with them and put together a story I have had simmering on my brains back-burner for a few years. The only hitch? They lived 2400 miles away in California. No problem, I’d never seen the west coast of North America so I packed the car and hit the road. Three days later and I was hanging out with genuine heroes. Amazing. We rode bikes, went snake hunting and ate a wild amount of sushi. They still ride full throttle and it was three of the best days I’ve had with a camera in my hand. DIRT Magazine ran the feature in last months issue and below is a small selection of the story. Massive thank you to Eric, Dave and Mike for having me!


Knox Mountain Hillclimb

Hell yeah for fast cars. Hell yeah for slow cars being driven fast. Just a big hell yeah for motor racing. Any racing for that matter, but the added smells and sounds of forcing precious fossil fuels over a spark and piston really does make  motor racing the superior form of racing to any other. Who needs the ozone layer anyways? The 56th annual Knox Mountain Hillclimb was held this past weekend in Kelowna, B.C. I took my 7 year old son and we hiked up the mountain and watched the cars go by. Hot cars and crap cars but all fast cars. Best Sunday I’ve had in ages.

Poo Pants To Electricity

Burning gasoline is bad…at least this is what we are being told. Electric vehicles in all their silent wonder are slowly replacing the octane fueled engine. But I bet you a 40 year old battery will never look as good as these gas tanks. They’ll never smell as good either.

California Dreaming

Shooting guns and driving Cadillacs in Nevada, pestering rattlesnakes in California and watching a man drive a VW bus as it was never intended to be in Oregon. The last few weeks have been pretty fun. More of the same please.

The Snowbank Project

Snow. We pile it up, blow it around and move it out of our way generally complaining about it and how we can’t wait until it’s gone. What we often miss are the beautiful yet fleeting landscapes created all around us. Crudely forced into their places these frozen piles of water assume their roles peacefully whilst awaiting mother nature’s warmth to take them away forever.